Dr. Steve Ladd

I got a notice of a local farm coming up for sale, and it looked like what I was wanting for my kids and grandkids. I called to inquire about the property and had a great conversation with Jeremy. We got to drive around the farm and he told us about the hunting and fishing opportunities of the listing. He was very open and honest about this farm, letting me know that it would likely either sell very soon to another person or that a timber company would buy it and cut all the timber. It wasn't a sales pitch since I have known Jeremy for years when he had an archery shop and had a great relationship already established. After discussing the property with my kids and wife, we decided it was right for our family. I want my grandkids to experience the beauty of being in the woods and the stream with family, and this checked all the boxes. Jeremy helped me converse with the owner about equipment as well as made the transition of the property very simple. In this day and time it is comforting to know people like Jeremy are still out there helping people fulfill their dreams of finding the perfect place to watch their family enjoy nature and continue to pass it down for future generations. Thanks Jeremy for your service to our country and for being someone that you can trust when helping find the perfect place!

— Dr. Steve Ladd